Galileo-Galilei, my Dad, and Me.

Every science has its historical background and also has an effect on the development of society. Various background stories of discovery of a theorem and its effect on civilization has always been an interesting story.

Here I would like to share a story about the impact of the heliocentric theory of the life of a human being: i.e. my own life. Ah-ha!

Here is the story:

Once upon a time, when I was very small, about 4 years old, my father taught me the heliocentric theory. Please take note here that my father knew about the heliocentric theory much earlier than Galileo.  My dad taught me the theory when I was 4 years old, while the Galileo theory being taught only when I was in high school. Hum…I am very proud of my father, yika….!

So, how’s my father theorem?

Dad says that the earth rotates on its axis and revolves around the sun. This means that at night our position and all objects of the earth are upside down. Romo taught m by using his hand to simulate position of the earth and sun.


Imagining this; I was so keen to prove it. I was so curious about our upside down position, when our feet above our and our heads below, and tree roots above and branches were down.

This must very amazing…….

The next day, with my sisters and friends, we tried various ways to get upside down. And here is the problem starting. Because at that time I have a habit on keep anything in my mouth. l know it’s not a good way to save money in the mouth, but I did (I’m just a little kid at that time).

 And you can imagine what happened next?

Having my small coin in my mouth and doing acrobatic to b upside down, the money was swallowed.
Upf, I was shocked and scared. And also my sister was also scared.

She tried to look for from all my nostrils and ears, but do not see the coin. My other elder sister came and we were all terrified. Then my sister starts cried. And they all cry, and I can do only sob, wept.

The news

Soon after, in a hour there was news spread along our village, mentioning that I lost my voice and could not speak because of swallowing 10 cent coins.

Hum…I am thinking now: maybe if I swallow 100 dollar bills, the story would be spread more widely, spread widely over our district.

And soon the news reaches to my father, and soon he come home and takes me to the doctor.
I only briefly checked by a doctor. He told me: do not worry pretty girl, tomorrow you can find the money when you pup….

Oh, no! I cannot do that! I can’t imagine searching my 10 rupiahs coin on my pup. Uwww…..I felt really sad, but I said nothing.

On the way home we were silent together. Father looked sad. I am scared and sad. So silence that the way back home seem so far.

Then I ask: Dad, what if I cannot find my money back?
Dad looked at me and he looks so surprised.

He said: “I will give you more money, lots of money …”
“Yea …” I am cheering.

I am delighted that my father didn’t angry. I am so happy that I will be able to have my money again. Yihea…..!

And my father also happy because I got back my voice (he thought that I really lost my voice and could not speak anymore). And maybe also he was feel shame about his coin given to me. If I swallow a high value of money he might be would not be that shame. (((:

And the next day my father gave me a lot of money.

But before he hand me the money, he warns me: “Do not eat this money! If you want to eat, do exchange first with foods sell there in the food store, and then you can eat the food….”


The lesson behind

And after that incident, my father never again teaches me a science.

Even I asked him to teach me about any other theorems such as the relativity e=mc2 from Einstein, the evolution of Darwin or any other theories.

The point we can get from this story is the importance of learning completely and thoroughly.
If at that time my father taught me the heliocentric theory accompanied by gravity and financial management, the accident will not been happen.

So there is a need of studying and teaching any theory thoroughly and comprehensively, if you do not want to lose your money.

Yika, yika,yika…!!!!


Presented in the 5 minutes speechcraft, October 2012 at IRRI Los Banos

27 Nov 2012


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  1. I personally desired to present this unique blog, “Galileo-Galilei, my Dad, and Me.
    hidup penuh warna…” along with my friends on twitter.
    I reallysimply just desired to distribute ur tremendous writing!
    With thanks, Dominga

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