Inspiring Korea


The spirit… the beauty…the green…the harmony….

The most beautiful place to visit….the right plece to study…..the best place to stay……..(of course after my lovely country).

The heritage:

This house is remind me to the very inspiring Korean drama: Jewel in the Palace.

Jang Geum, the center of the story was a very inspiring person. Her brave,smart and beauty combinated with the love and care to other. She is really a hero. A star. A jewel.

And Queen Seon Deok. Her strugle, her brilliant, her brave…..

The smart..

 Um….  Gangneung mountain (the place where many ph film take a shoot). Thios place is always covered by snow during winter. and is a very windy place. and Korea employ those potential to generate an electric power. It’s brilliant, right?

The green

Mostly Korean stay at apartment. The vertical building reduce the use of land and provide the green area.


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