E a g l e s

Sebuah catatan buat sekelompok teman yang manis-manis. BAik-baik. Yang turut mewarnai episodeku di Los Banos (2008-2009). Hmm….mustinya ku post tulisan ini setahun yang lalu. Saat kita baru berpisah.


Flying in the sky

Nice to be friend of you all.

You are a wonderfull color I have met.

You give me beautiful phase in my time.

Together with you are always joyfull and happyness.

Going along with you always delight and joviality

We’ll be always friend….

In our jouney…

flying ….across the sky, around the world…

Fly higher and find the rainbow, fly farer and find the beauty…

not to cacth enemies, not to show off  power and highness, not to scarry weak livingthings,


To find the enormous  of the abundance colours in the world

fill up with the majestic of the world…

swimming into the deepest heart of the lovers

Let hold on our hand, be part of the wind…..


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