Oh God, I have no idea

Oh God, I have no idea

By Nurul Hi

Prepared for the final examination on English Writing Course for Rice Scientist

Los Banos, November, 2008


Ough, it has come again. I hate it every time it happens. Especially today, when I have to write. As a participant of an English Writing Course I have to do it.  It’s a compulsory work for my final examination. I have to share and deliver my ideas to the audience. And I have to arrange it first in a writing form.  Delivering a speech in front of the class is hard, and it becomes more difficult when we have no idea. Oh, that’s terrible.


I know that writing could be a good deed and beneficial not only for the reader but also, especially, for the writer. For me as a non-professional writer, I can share anything; my opinions, my dreams, my feelings, my ideas etc. At least I can express anything I want without  looking like Narcissus. Through exploring my thoughts and my feelings during writing I can find something which makes me know myself better. It makes me release and generate peace, inspiration, and any good emotional feelings. Yeah, I absolutely understand the advantages of writing, so that I have to start it right now.


First, I have to generate an idea. But, do I really have no ideas? No, actually I have many and I can easily find many new more ideas every time I want, by reading a newspaper, watching television, or searching on the internet. But I don’t intend to do that because of some reasons. First, I am lazy to do that, second I don’t want to deliver a speech whose idea came from outside my head since it will be really ugly and less touchy, and third I realize that the problem is not in it. Since I already have many ideas, what I need to do is just to choose from one of them. But God,  it’s so difficult.


I know, I need to concentrate. I sat before the table, with a bunch of papers and a pencil (since I have no laptop) and a cup of coffee mix. I bent on to get a topic and started to write. The smell and smoke of the hot coffee helped me to recollect and remind me of my ideas. My eyes moved from my paper, the ceiling of my room, and the coffee. I write down some interesting ideas. These were about my opinion of some phenomena, little knowledge I had,  about my experiences, my dreams, and my feelings. The coffee smoothly move in to my body as I listed down my ideas. I tried hard to decide which one I should choose.


I thought topic about friendship will  be very interesting and also beneficial to other. Sharing about how to make friends, about the uniqueness of their character, how we make deal with our emotional conflicts, and how we keep the friendship long lasting will always generate good emotions. But it needs some psychological terms that sometimes are difficult to explain. Should I put those terms on the paper without any explanation? No, it would make the reader frown. I’d better find another topic.


I can write about the hottest news in the world. Every one will be interested with hot news. Ok, I’ll write about Obama. Everyone knows him and many countries will be affected by his decisions. I pull out a sheet of paper and start writing.



Obama is a president of America.

He is half black  and…he is…he is…..

What next? He is what? I don’t have any sufficient data about him. Even the name of the school in Hawaii where he graduated from,  I don’t know, moreover his political tendency, economical ideas, and his worldwide insight. And without this political aspect and other unique side of his life, writing about Obama would be nonsense, boring, and not interesting. So, Obama, whoever you are, I don’t want to write about you!


I should write about something I know well. The things I face everyday so that I can give a deep information to the audience. The things that give me life so that I can respect more. The things that are important to me so that I can explain how bad my life will be without them. The things that I love. Yes, I found it! I find it everyday and I know well many aspects of it. The thing is…rice!. But, What do I have to write about rice? Absolutely not! It’s not funny if I do that.

Can you imagine that? A rice researcher writes about rice in the Writing Course for Rice Scientist held by International Rice Research ….Oh, it’s not a very good idea. I don’t want to do that.


Time is running and my work hasn’t been done yet. I have to force myself to work. I can do that if I like the topic. I decided to write about my nice experiences. I have so many exciting experiences during my time here at IRRI, but I will write about the romantic one. It was three nights ago. I went upstairs to the roof of my lab with my friends. We watched the cluster of stars on the clear sky. It’s very beautiful. Stars with their blinking radiance are always impressing. Although we didn’t find moving stars to make a wish, I still enjoyed the night. Yeah, I will write about it. I drank my ‘already cold’ coffee with a last gulp and started writing.


Twinkle-twinkle little stars …

How I wonder what you are…

……twingkle-twingkle little stars how I wonder what you are….

Oh no!

It is just a cut from a kindergarten song! I can’t do that.


It’s almost midnight and my coffee is already finished. I feel so tired, I need to take a rest. It’s time to go to bed for me. With half closed eyes I tidy my paper and put it below my pillow, switched off the lamp and made a wish: God, give me an idea!


Tadi siang ketemu Helen yang menyukai tulisanku ini. Trus iseng aku cari di kompi, ternyata masih tersimpan file ini. Hmm aku posting aja deh…

Los Banos, January 7’2009 Jam 7:50 pm


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