Beautiful ways to get refresh, n overcome our depression


                                Everyone experiences a sadness in their life. The period (or just the moments) when we feel very down, upset, asunder….tired…as we fall into the bottom of our life.Accumulating problems and work we face make us stressed and depressed. We need to relax,  and refresh ourselves.


One of the ways to get this is by doing something a little bit unique, ‘crazy’ and sometimes challenging our adrenalin.


There are 3 steps to go out from such terrible moments:

  1. Shout! Throw away your burdening problems.

 We can get rid of our burdening problems through many ways such as shouting as we run along the beach, singing or crying as we walk in the rain, skiing along the waves, or exercising in the night,  under the full moon.

When you shout, your problem will go out with your loud voice, when you cry in the rain your sadness will go with your tears, and when you exercise your sadness will go with your sweat.

  1. Pic: Shout therapies at Pagsanjan Water FAll; Santa Cruz, August 6′ 2008 (Thanks friends for the nice trip)

  1. Dancing with the universe; gathering an energy.

The universe is a source of energy. When we disconnect with the universe, we lose our energy. We feel powerless and dispirited.

Through dancing we get reconnected to the source of the energy. Dancing is a combination of meditation, exercise, and an adventure. Since we, as all of human and all of living things are part of the universe, we should live and move in harmony with the universe. Ignoring whoever we are, whatever we are, wherever we come from. We are all the same. There is no difference among us, the ants, the grass, the mountain, Bill Gates, and the land we step on. We are in the same level in the universe.

The universe destined to ‘move’ and so do we.

So let’s dance! Just go to the open area, then hear and feel the sounds of the universe.

Close your eyes, keep in silent, then slowly find the music, the sounds of nature, from the wind, from the water, from all of the things around us.

As you let yourself (your mind, your body, your heart) get along with the harmony, nature will lead you to dance within it. You just need to go along with the power of being. Nature will move your body and then  you will realize that you already are in a ‘trance’.


  1. Doing painting as a cooling down and testing of your concentration.

(you can do other things that you love to do, ex: carving, composing your own music, planting your lovely flowers, caring for your animal, etc. just do it! Don’t mind whatever will be the result!


When you finish all these three steps, you will find your new spirit. You will get a beautiful feeling and you will be ready to start your new life.

OK, let’s try and find our own fresh, beautiful life!


This article was proposed to speech practice examination in ‘English Course’;

Augus 27’08 , Los Banos.

(I feel I performed very bad, but I pass the exam….hihihi)


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